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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Jack Herer Weed Strain Review

Created by Sensi Seeds, the Jack Herer weed strain is an award-winning Sativa dominant strain that stimulates your brain as it relieves pain. This marijuana strain was named after a medical weed user and cannabis activist, John Herer. It is a suitable weed strain for use during day time. Thus, avoid using it just before you sleep as you do not want to be stimulated and energized at night.

Medical cannabis users benefit from this cannabis strain as it provides its stimulating effects to treat several health problems. No doubt that recreational weed users will enjoy its sweet, earthy taste. The creative cranial charge of this marijuana strain, alongside its pungent skunky scent, give the users a fantastic experience.


Jack Herer Marijuana Strain: What it is?

Jack Herer is a cross of three strains: Haze, a Sativa strain with high energy, Skunk, a hybrid strain, and Northern Lights, an Indica dominant that makes the user couch-locked. It obtains its effects and attributes from its parents. 

With a THC level of about 23% and 1% CBD, this weed strain can offer a happy, euphoric, and bubbly high. Besides, it provides spurring creativity and energy. Thus, it is ideal for daytime activities.


Wondering where to Buy Jack Herer Weed Strain in Canada?

If you are in Canada and wish to purchase this marijuana strain’s leaf to smoke, you will find it in your local dispensaries. Such dispensaries charge you depending on the quality of their growth, availability, geographical locality, and time of the year. Therefore, the cost in one dispensary can differ from the next dispensary.

There are also various online dispensaries in Canada. Thus, you can place your order and have it delivered to you. However, shipping costs can apply. At Cannabis Ontario, we put together a list of the best cannabis stores, weed shops, marijuana clinics, and online dispensaries in Ontario Canada. This includes top-rated same day cannabis delivery in Ottawa, Toronto, and more!


Jack Herer Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and appearance

Concerning the aroma, Jack Here has a stench that makes it a true spicy Sativa. When you squeeze and pull this marijuana strain, it will discharge a tropical frost scent that is strong to make you want to have more good sniffs. It cools the throat with its icy, cold vapour, making you wish that this weed strain is lab-verified for terpenoids.

Much like what Jack Herer smells like, it also offers pine and earthy-like flavour, upon smoking. Many users report that this cannabis strain has a tropical fruit salad taste but a piercing, spicy, saucy bite.

Regarding appearance, the flowers of this weed strain are not predominantly visually inspiring since its leaves, which form tightly-packed buds are more elongated than rounded and are medium green in hues. The high amounts of trichomes covering the flowers make the plants very sticky, mainly when handling them.


Jack Herer Marijuana Strain: Grow Information

Jack Herer is amongst the most grown cannabis strains across the world. You can grow its plants both outside and indoors using soil or in controlled hydroponics. The indoor setting requires about eight to ten weeks for this weed strain to flower and produce about eighteen ounces per square meter.

Nonetheless, in an outside setting, where there is plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and temperatures about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, this strain can produce more than eighteen ounces from every plant. The plants will be ready to harvest about early September-early October if you punctually planted them in early summer.


Effects of Jack Herer Weed Strain

This cannabis strain does not only offer its Sativa effects, but it also provides the Indica properties. Its smoke that can be somewhat itchy to your throat can induce some coughing. The good news is that even the beginners can tolerate such coughing.

What is more, its effects are moderately quick-paced, although take effect pretty fast to make you experience a clear-headed mental high. A feeling of wellness and euphoria follow such mental clarity to change even your worst dispositions into blissful, cheerful, giggly moods. Furthermore, it leads to a sensation of amplified energy that starts from your heels and travels through to your spine.

Finally, this weed strain’s full-blown properties might give you a dosage of light and airy vigour to handle several activities. Luckily, its euphoric, skippy mood will only make you feel more energized and will not overwhelm you to stimulate anxious energy.


Medical Benefits of Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

The positive effects of Jack Herer, its THC, and CBD levels make it a suitable strain to treat various health conditions. People with neurological disorders, such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, benefit from this marijuana strain.

In addition, it can fight migraines, arthritis, and chronic pain. The use of this weed strain can, therefore, help patients lead better, healthy lives.


Possible Side Effects of Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Although Jack Herer has fantastic positive effects, it can also cause unpleasant effects, like red eyes and a dry mouth. Drink plenty of hydrating liquids to counter these adverse effects.

Also, this marijuana strain can lead to paranoia and dizziness. Thus, ensure to consume the right amount and avoid overdosing.


Jack Herer Strain Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a cannabis strain that can take you throughout the day? If yes, then Jack Herer is the perfect strain for you since it gives you the needed mental and body energy and a happy mood for your daytime activities. If you are not into growing, you can purchase this weed strain in Canada in your local dispensary. So if you are asking yourself, “what is the best cannabis dispensary near me?”, then look no further because CannabisOntario provides a listing of the top-rated local weed shops in Ontario for your convenience. This includes the best cannabis clinics in Pickering, Toronto, Ottawa, and more!


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