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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Island Pink Strain Review

The Island Pink weed strain boasts a high Indica to Sativa ratio (80% to 20%, respectively). Consequently, its effects incline towards Indica. The strain contains an average of 24% to 27% THC. The THC levels are so high that they can knock over new marijuana users. Due to the relaxing effects of Indica, you can use this strain to manage chronic pain and various stress disorders.

Growing Island Pink marijuana does not require expert knowledge, given its tolerance to extreme conditions. Growing the strain indoors or outdoors gives almost similar quality and quantity of buds. However, given the extreme conditions that might be outdoors, planting the plant indoors is better.


Island Pink Marijuana Strain: What is it?

This marijuana strain is a hybrid of OG Kush and an unknown strain of Indica heritage. The sweet tropical pineapple flavours in Island Pink take after the OG Kush.

The high Indica levels contribute to the strain’s effects. The effects range from a body high to uplifting, hunger pangs, and relaxing. The intensity of the effects depends on the amount of weed you take at a particular moment. Due to these hard-hitting effects, it is advisable to take Island Pink when relaxing.

Numerous medical experts recommend using Island Pink Kush to alleviate several conditions. The most common medical conditions that this marijuana strain can control or fully alleviate include chronic pain, fatigue, and stress disorders.


Wondering Where to Buy Island Pink Weed Strain in Canada?

Demand for Island Pink marijuana in Canada is on an upward trajectory. Besides, the government has licensed various dispensaries to sell the strain to enthusiasts. You can buy the strain from the strain or head shops across the country. If you are not familiar with head shops and dispensaries in Canadian states, seeking referrals is the best option. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Sarnia, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Island Pink Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

We can describe the aroma in Island Pink marijuana as a mix of vanilla, skunky, and flowery. The flower also produces hints of sweetness, making it friendly, even to novice smokers.

We cannot overlook the flavours in Island Pink since it is similar to the aroma. It is rich in sweet vanilla candy with notes of earthy and fresh flowery skunk. You can feel the hypnotizing flavour from a distance which lasts for a long time.

Every physical feature in this marijuana strain is outstanding, right from the leaves to the buds and size. The buds have a neon green shade with nugs shaped like a spade. The buds also come with pink hairs that are covered with a heavy layer of white crystal trichomes. The Indica dominance makes this strain to remain short even during maturity.


Island Pink Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

The short statute makes Island Pink ideal for growing indoors. Growing the plant outdoors exposes it to extreme conditions that might affect the overall yields.


Effects of Island Pink Marijuana Strain

The combination of Indica-dominance and THC gives Island Pink marijuana a mixture of an uplifting and relaxing high. After taking this strain, a wave of euphoria kicks in instantly. The euphoria might last between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on the potency and amount that you take.

 Once the effects sink in completely, a feeling of relaxation starts to creep in. During this period, the moods might change from joy to extreme calmness. It is during this moment that you focus more and become creative. Taking more weed than what your body can handle might make you sink into a deep sleep.


Medical Benefits of Island Pink Cannabis Strain

Island Pink is gaining popularity in the medical field due to its therapeutic effects. The high THC levels boost the strain’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use the strain to manage migraine, arthritis, muscle spasms, and migraine; conditions that are synonymous with chronic pain.

The relaxation effects due to Indica make this strain ideal for alleviating mental conditions. People battling insomnia can use the strain to induce sleep immediately. On the other hand, the relaxation effects make this strain the right treatment for stress disorders. Taking a dose of this marijuana strain helps you combat panic attacks, stress, and depression.


Possible Side Effects of Island Pink Marijuana Strain

Several side effects of this marijuana strain have been reported. Cottonmouth and itchy eyes are the most common side effects. You can reduce the intensity of these side effects by taking enough fluids before or after a session.

You might also experience hunger pangs after using this strain. Eating enough before a session can help you from the embarrassment of scavenging on any available food.


Island Pink Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Island Pink should be on your bucket list if you are looking for a highly potent weed. A combination of the irresistible flavour and aroma makes this strain one of the best in the market in Canada. Regardless of how you choose to consume Island Pink, it is prudent to put restraint.

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