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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Hash Plant Weed Strain Review

The Hash Plant weed strain is an Indica-leaning strain of cannabis. With 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, this strain has a remarkable history. It was bred in the 1980s and made it to the United States through the North West region.

This crossbreed between Northern Lights #1 and the original hash plant strain has gained massive popularity over the years. Besides, as one of the classic Sensi Seed’s creations, this weed strain is flavourful. It has the heart of all hash lovers worldwide.

With moderate THC levels between 13% – 19%, this cannabis strain gives a smooth and easy-going high. This effect will tempt everyone and drift them into a cozy state of relaxation and sleep.


Hash Plant Cannabis Strain: What it is?

This cannabis strain from Sensi Seeds is a legendary Indica, a product of careful genetic selection. This strain resulted from breeding the original Hash plant from the United States with the Northern Lights.

Winning the Cannabis Culture’s Tokers Bowl in 2004 made a name for the Hash Plant weed strain. Further, this marijuana took the runners up position in the 2002’s High Life Cannabis Cup, attracting more interest from cannabis lovers.

As a super flowering super compact and fast-flowering plant, this bud is ideal for indoor cultivation. Besides, it still thrives well in outdoor settings, and when tendered well with its ideal requirements, you will harvest a dream hybrid with a mild hashish taste.


Wondering where to Buy Hash Plant Weed Strain in Canada?

While buying weed in Canada is legal, some limits have been put in place. Most, if not all, legal weed sellers will require you to confirm your age. However, it is worth noting that all 13 provinces and territories have specific marijuana rules.

Whether you want to buy weed in wholesale or retail, you will get a supplier via an online shop or marijuana dispensaries. Moreover, you can find marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

Ensure you buy Hash Plant marijuana from a legal weed shop or marijuana dispensary. This will ensure you get the right quality weed that you cannot find in the illegal market. At Cannabis Ontario, we put together a list of the best cannabis stores, weed shops, marijuana clinics, and online dispensaries in Ontario Canada. This includes top-rated same day cannabis delivery in Toronto, Ottawa, and more!


Hash Plant Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

This cannabis strain resembles the hash nature through its dank smell. The Kush roots of this bud are represented through earthy, woody, and hashy aroma from the Hash Plant nuggets. The dash of sweetness in this bud will make your mouth water. Besides, this scent profile is not overly pungent to offend non-smokers.

The organically tantalizing taste of this bud gives way to a powerful and instant body stone. The earthy and creamy smoke of this strain will make your tongue addicted to its sweetness and spiciness. Moreover, it leaves a woody and herbal aftertaste upon exhale.  

The appearance of this plan is characterized by medium, dark green leaves, and dark red pistils. The buds are compact and completely covered by resin. The buds are incredibly sticky due to the resinous coverage and abundance of trichomes. Overall, the plant is short and stocky.


Hash Plant Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Hash plant thrives excellently under hydroponic cultivation. However, in outdoor settings, the plant is best suited to a sunny Mediterranean climate. The plant flowers within 40-45 days, which is quicker than other marijuana strains. Besides, the yielding of this bud is abundant and will make any grower happy.

Attaining a height of about three to four feet, this plant is branchy and easy to cultivate. The indoor yields are about 14 ounces of bud per square meter. Outdoor plants have a higher yield of about 12 ounces of bud per plant.

After flowering throughout the summer, the yields will be ready for harvest from mid to end of September. However, indoor plants will take 7 to 9 weeks, and the buds will be ready for harvest. Nonetheless, ensure the indoor plants get sufficient light and sun.


Effects of Hash Plant Weed Strain

The potency of this strain of cannabis leaves consumers deeply relaxed. This may end up in a couch-lock or a deep sleep. The heavy state of relaxation induced by this bud makes it ideal for nighttime use. You are almost guaranteed to fall asleep a few minutes after taking Hash Plant marijuana.

The drowsy and highly potent effects of this bud will be hard to ignore, no matter how hard you try. Thus, the onset of these effects will make you sleepy, which will intensify over time. Moreover, it will give you an adorable body and mind high to make you feel warm and hazy.

If you are looking for a fantastic cerebral experience, this bud is your best bet. This guarantees you a feeling of absolute bliss and relaxation.


Medical Benefits of Hash Plant Cannabis Strain

The strong relaxation offered by the hash plant is ideal for healing patients with sleep disorders and insomnia. Patients with irregular sleeping patterns benefit from the sleep-inducing factor in this bud to enjoy a calm night of deep sleep.

This bud’s calming effects have been used to treat patients with chronic pain, muscle spasms, body aches, and chronic stress. Besides, it can help treat loss of appetite and anxiety.


Possible Side Effects of Hash Plant Weed Strain

Hash Plant is an excellent choice for newbie smokers as it barely induces any adverse effects or reactions. However, beware of the dizziness and couch-lock effects of this bud.

Like with almost every other marijuana hybrid, expect dry mouth. Besides, it is inevitable to have itchy eyes when smoking this marijuana due to its heavy smoke.


Hash Plant Strain Final Thoughts

Marijuana strains ideal for novice growers and newbie smokers are rare. However, Hash Plant doubles up as an ideal strain that can be grown and consumed by starters. Besides, for growers looking for quick yields, this is the strain to cultivate.

As if this is not enough, this weed strain features an adorable visual profile, excellent tastes, and a pleasing aroma. Also, this aroma is not overly pungent to annoy non-smokers or roommates.

The deeply sedating and relaxing effects of this cannabis undisputedly make it great for evening or nighttime use. This will induce the best feelings like other Indica-dominant hybrid strains.

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