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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Hardcore OG Strain Review

Naming strains is a serious business; breeders don’t recklessly name weed strains. If you come across a weed strain with the name Hardcore OG, expect it to be good. The flower has delicious flavours. Further, it induces cerebral high. The Hardcore OG weed strain is not for the weak-hearted. Despite that, it’s an herb known to relieve intense pain. This Indica dominant strain hits you hard and fast, thus a favourite of many stoners. Hardcore OG grows bushy with dense foliage. Additionally, its yields are incredible.


Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Most cannabis users enjoy this strain due to its flavour and fast-acting effects. Hardcore OG is a crossbreed of Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry. Further, its Indica to the Sativa ratio is 80% and 20%, respectively. This marijuana strain crossbreed is an Indica-leaning herb. It has THC levels of 24%-28%.

However, Hardcore OG induces intense euphoria. Later, mind and body relaxation follows. Users forget about their worries for a few hours. This combination of effects makes it useful in treating pain and mental issues.


Wondering Where to Buy Hardcore OG Weed Strain in Canada?

Due to its delicious flavour, Hardcore OG is easily made into edibles. It’s readily available in your local dispensaries and online sale. Also, it can be found on the black market. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Pickering, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Hardcore OG has notes of honey, spice and tea. On exhale, there are undertones of herbal tea. Also, it has a heavy smell of blueberry. This scent is merely sweet.

This cannabis strain is famous for its delicious flavour of blueberry. It has a sweet taste. Similarly, tasting like herbal tea with honey. On exhale, a rich herbal taste lingers in the mouth. This mixture makes the flavour genuinely delicious.

One look at this weed strain bud tells a lot. The flower is gorgeous with vivid green colour. Also, the buds have a layer of dense-winding pistils that have an orange colour. Its trichomes are chunky. The flowers have a strong and sticky oil.


Hardcore OG Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Hardcore OG has good harvests. Having DJ Short Blueberry as a parent indicates the strain produces highly attaining moderate heights. Also, the plant is bushy with thick foliage. Due to this, growers should be extra keen as dense buds attract mildew and mould.

However, this cannabis strain thrives both indoors and outdoors. In an indoor setting, this strain flowers after eight weeks producing 16-18 ounces per plant. Further, the outdoor herb flowers in mid-October, producing 24 ounces per plant.


Effects of Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain

The Hardcore OG strain effects hit hard and fast. It uplifts your mood and provides high cerebral products.

Few minutes after smoking, your mind is left completely thought-free. After that, blissful energy flows; luckily, it doesn’t cause stress or anxiety. This marijuana strain causes a sedating Indica bliss. It sinks deep down your bones, causing a pleasing effect. As a result, the couch-lock development creeps in, forcing users to lack motivation. Therefore, users float away in their thoughts as they drift into a deep sleep.


Medical Benefits of Hardcore OG Cannabis Strain

The fun usage of this weed strain is essential. However, there is more to that. Its therapeutic side works magic towards dark, stubborn moods. Likewise, hybrid sheer bliss reduces negativity, leaving gloom and doom cast away. Daily stresses and worries melt away.

OCD and PTSD have shown improvement when using this strain. The profound euphoria and relaxation help in breaking repetitive thoughts and break anxiety. The results make users have happy thoughts causing them to relax. Additionally, back pains to tension headaches ease as tight muscles relax. Patients with Chronic stress benefits as they forget any struggles.

High THC levels make this strain ideal against swelling. Finally, patients lacking sleep love this marijuana strain. Its sedating effects cause quality and quantity of sleep to the most sleepless. Its couch-lock effect helps patients unwind and enjoy undisturbed sleep. Many insomniacs nod off as the high crawl up, sending them to dreamland. Cancer patients experiencing a lot of pain have seen Hardcore OG relieve them from their pain.


Possible Side Effects of Hardcore OG Weed Strain

Although Hardcore OG doesn’t have terpenes, its high THC levels make it very strong. It’s not suitable for newbies, faint-hearts or infrequent smokers. This strain is easily overdone. The best indicator showing you have overdone past your limits is the deep urge to sleep.

Furthermore, users experience fear, dry eyes and mouth. Taking plenty of fluids and using cheap eye drops ease these side effects. Initially, its adverse effect is an intense need for sleep.


Hardcore OG Review: Final Thoughts

Hardcore OG is an ideal strain for people who enjoy Indica dominants. This cannabis strain has recreational uses as well as medical benefits. Users should not worry about overdosing, as it only causes deep sleep. Home growing tips are not readily available. However, the strain produces highly. Other than its sweet smell and taste, this weed causes euphoric stimulation and eases pain. So if you are asking yourself, “what is the best cannabis dispensary near me?”, then look no further because CannabisOntario provides a listing of the top-rated local weed shops in Ontario for your convenience. This includes the best cannabis clinics in Cambridge, Toronto, Ottawa, and more!


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