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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Critical Kush Weed Strain Review

From the onset, the Critical Kush weed strain offers powerful and distinct effects. It delivers a fresh, and uplifting high, which steadily morphs into an intensely calming bliss. This strain is a great choice when you need to relax after a long day. While the THC level present in Critical Kush is the sort you would find in a Sativa, this strain’s appearance and growth bring out the best of its Indica facet.


Critical Kush Strain: What is it?

Barney’s Farm, California-based breeders, crossed two exceptional strains to create the Critical Kush marijuana strain.  This delicacy is an Indica strain that delivers heady, intense relaxation, and cerebral calming effects. Critical Kush is a cross between OG Kush and Critical Mass strain, an Afghani prodigy. Famous for its long-lasting high and very intense flavour of diesel and citrus, OG Kush is one of the most notable weed strains in the U.S. Expectedly, it has become a must-have for the most respected weed growers globally.

On the other hand, the Critical Mass is sweet and heavy, with a pretty short flowering period typical of the Skunk descent. The Critical Kush weed strain masterfully fuses each of its parents’ qualities to pool together everything a cannabis enthusiast could wish. With a whopping THC level of 16%-29%, Critical Kush features massive sedative effects making it a perfect evening companion.


Wondering where to Buy Critical Kush Strain in Canada?

If you’ve read this Critical Kush strain review and you’re interested in trying out this widespread weed, be sure to stop in at one of the local dispensaries and get yourself some. Otherwise, you can order it from an online vendor in the comfort of your home. Despite being legal in Canada, some controversy still looms around the weed topic; thus, many users prefer buying weed discreetly. In this situation, the best option remains to ship it from the source directly to your doorstep. At Cannabis Ontario, we put together a list of the best cannabis stores, weed shops, marijuana clinics, and online dispensaries in Ontario Canada. This includes top-rated same day cannabis delivery in Brantford, Toronto, Ottawa, and more!


Critical Kush Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and appearance

From the onset, Critical Kush offers powerful and distinct effects. When properly treated, the buds discharge a dank and earthy fragrance with citrus hints to enhance the experience. Its strong, sweet, and zesty flavour leaves a Kush-like aftertaste, which features outstanding diesel, citrus, and earth traces. When ignited, Critical Kush emits a pungent and choking thick smoke that stings the eyes and taste buds. The smoke tastes more like pine with mild spicy notes on the exhale. For those who would want to keep their indulgence discreet, ensure that you take all necessary precautions.

Critical Kush is a horticultural wonder. This cannabis strain matures into a relatively short but unbelievably elegant plant.  It sets itself apart with huge spring-green nugs, coated with a network of shiny orange-coloured trichomes. The buds are densely packed with resin-filled delight.


Critical Kush Strain: Grow Info

When grown indoors, it reaches a minimum height of 1M, and if grown in an outdoors setting, it gets a minimum height of 1.1M. For this strain to thrive in an outdoor setting, you will require a temperate climate with temperatures of 720-800 F. The flowering period for indoor plants is about 8-9 weeks. In contrast, outdoor plants mature fully by the end of September or early October. Critical Kush features a high yield of up to 650g per plant. This Indica strain is an excellent choice for novice breeders because of its natural resistance nature to moulds, diseases, and pests. It is also quite forgiving of common farming errors such as overwatering.

It’s important to note that Critical Kush can be very stinky since it has Skunk in its lineage due to Critical Mass’ genes. Therefore, indoor breeders should invest in some form of odour control measures such as carbon air filters. Seeds can easily be bought online from Barney’s Farm, the original breeders, or Royal Queen Seeds. Both companies are trustworthy Dutch seed banks and can be termed as reliable.


Effects of Critical Kush Strain

The Critical Kush cannabis strain delivers an enduring and surprisingly dominant relaxing effect that will shock even experienced users. It provides a fresh, optimistic, and uplifting high, which steadily evolves into an intensely warm and soothing euphoria. Critical Kush is a great choice when you need instant results with long-lasting effects, for instance, before sleep time.

If you’re after an intense cerebral experience, Critical Kush is not your strain. This bud is more likely to leave you merrily high without the more intense effects. It’s great for an evening spent at home, doing cushy tasks like cleaning or zone out to some relaxing music. In higher doses, Critical Kush can cause couch lock and make you feel less inclined to engage with the company.


Medical Benefits of Critical Kush Strain

Medical cannabis patients will find the Critical Kush Indica strain’s therapeutic properties to be very beneficial. Its analgesic effects can work against both temporary and chronic deep-rooted aches and pains. The anti-inflammatory properties in this strain can ease more minor health issues such as headaches or nausea. While the mood-boosting effects provide some welcome relief, although temporary, from anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Critical Kush will get even the most stubborn of insomniacs into a deep, fulfilling sleep in higher doses. Given that it causes intense feelings of hunger, this weed strain can be the solution for those suffering from eating disorders.


Possible Side Effects OF Critical Kush Strain

With its high THC levels of up to 29%, Critical Kush can cause panic attacks if consumed at extremely high levels. Novice smokers should tread carefully since the strain alters perception, mannerism, and energy levels with many reported visual and hearing distortion cases. There are also quite rare cases of anxiety and paranoia. Although side effects are typically mild, overindulging can leave you in a dizzy spell.


Critical Kush Strain Final Thoughts

The Critical Kush strain is a highly potent marijuana variety featuring aromatic notes of earthiness and spices. It combines an incredibly high THC content with a reasonable dose of CBD to usher in a soothing sensation that calms down your mind and body. These traits are why this strain is hailed as a perfect evening medication for muscle tension, stress, pain, and insomnia. Hitting it earlier during the day to set the pace will certainly ensure you get all critical Kush has to offer until it hits the climax deep into the night.

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