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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Chronic Kush Weed Strain Review

Whether you’re looking for an extraordinarily high or an answer to your deep-seated medical issues, the Chronic Kush weed strain is the solution. Chronic Kush is a balanced hybrid strain from Serious Seeds, a leading Canadian Indica producer responsible for some of the most significant strains around. Chronic Kush Indica strain continues to please its loyal customer base since its inception in 1994. This Indica dominant hybrid boasts some of the most impressive prizes in the marijuana world. It’s one of those impeccably balanced crossbreeds that feature an Indica-dominant pattern in their growth but deliver tremendous Sativa effects.


Chronic Kush Strain: What it is?

Chronic Kush is an internationally distinguished strain that has grown into being a measure for what entails good-quality marijuana. Originally, this strain was a cross between Northern Lights and Skunk. However, Serious Seeds were not content with the results and decided to improve their creativity by adding an extra strain into the merger – AK-47. Adding the AK-47 increased the strain’s resin content in addition to enhancing its effects.  Its perfect balance (50% Indica/50% Sativa) and moderate THC content of 14%-20% delivers a euphoric cerebral high and deep physical relaxation at the same time, which makes it extremely popular among weed users.


Wondering where to Buy Chronic Kush Strain in Canada?

Although legal across Canada, marijuana is still a controversial topic among many people. Luckily, vendors now provide highly secure buying options such as discreet shipping and online buying. You could also visit your nearest weed dispensary or local recreation shop and see whether they have some left in their stock. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in North York, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Chronic Kush Strain: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

When properly treated, the Chronic Kush Indica strain emits a powerful Skunky funk with sweet and earthy undertones providing a contrast to this powerful odour. As you go deeper into the smoking session, some hints of pine and woody scent burst forth. Grinding the buds rewards you with a pungent, spicy fragrance perhaps as evidence of the AK-47 parental genes.

When ignited, the strain produces an overwhelmingly harsh and choking acrid smoke that may induce bouts of coughing in novice smokers. The smoke leaves a mildly fruity and piquant aftertaste on the exhale. Being very pungent, users looking to keep their consumption discreet should take necessary precautions.

Chronic Kush weed strain plants grow to medium height and feature tapered, pale-green leaves that look like fans in maturity. It also has big densely packed buds with high resin content. Keep an eye out for the long red-brown pistils and radiant orange trichomes that are impossible to miss.


Chronic Kush Strain: Grow Info

Growing the Chronic Kush Indica strain plants might need a little bit more attention than other strains, but the eventual yield is worth it. While relatively easy to grow, these plants may prove to be slightly challenging for new weed breeders. It is a plant that does well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Nonetheless, it tends to do best when grown indoors as this allows for full temperature control. When grown outside, Chronic Kush plants tend to produce a much smaller yield due to overnight changes in temperature. For outdoor farming, plants should be ready from mid to late October. While for healthy indoor plants, it usually takes 8-10 weeks before harvesting. The only problem you might experience when growing indoors is that your plants can grow very tall, which will require that you provide enough room for them to grow to their full potential.

Growers should refrain from pruning this plant at all costs since Chronic Kush does best if left to develop naturally. The plant tends to produce numerous branches that are both strong and productive. You may find very healthy buds on the extensions almost similar to those on the main stem. Get extra support for the extended branches to keep them from collapsing under the weight of their produce.


Effects of Chronic Kush Strain

Chronic Kush delivers a hard-hitting high that comes with a subtle, and fruity taste. Its high takes effect almost instantly, spiralling you into a profound thought-charged realm marked by super-fast thinking – perfect mindset for creative discussions and logical problem-solving. At its onset, Chronic Kush is a terrific complement to typical chores such as cleaning. As the high intensifies, you will experience growing physical calmness which makes it great for chilling out with friends after a tedious day. While this strain’s sedative effects can put you in couch lock if consumed in higher doses, it tends to maintain a clear mind.  The high typically lasts for up to six hours even for adept cannabis consumers.


Medical Benefits of Chronic Kush Strain

Chronic Kush CBD content comes in handy to confer numerous therapeutic benefits. Its analgesic properties can greatly ease both temporary and chronic aches and pains. This strain triggers feelings of hunger, thus great for those with eating problems. It’s also an ideal strain for people with a low tolerance for THC since it’s known to manage panic and paranoia.

Given its mental and physical soothing effects, Chronic Kush can treat chronic stress, depression, and anxiety, albeit temporarily. Being a highly meditative strain with a deep couch lock sensation, it’s usually perfect for combating insomnia.


Possible Side Effects of Chronic Kush Strain

The most common side effect associated with Chronic Kush Indica strain is the famous dry mouth and eyes. While these effects last for a few hours, they can be easily alleviated by staying hydrated. Smoking in large doses can result in mild paranoia and anxiety for the inexperienced.


Chronic Kush Strain Final Thoughts

Whether smoking it for therapeutic or leisure purposes, be prepared for a ride like none other. Chronic Kush strain is famous for delivering a potent high that offers the best of both (Indica and Sativa) worlds. The cerebral bliss, intense physical calmness and ease make it ideal for curing various health-related conditions such as stress, depression, and insomnia. A heady and aromatic hybrid, Chronic Kush makes a tremendous versatile strain for the experienced smoker.

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