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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Bubblegum Weed Strain Review

The Bubblegum weed strain traces its origin back to the 1970s in Indiana, and it’s 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, hence making it an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a cross of Indiana Bubblegum and an unknown Indica strain. They later took it to Amsterdam for cloning. However, it took several years to make a stable Bubblegum Weed strain with a euphoric high and a sweet scent.

It introduces a euphoric effect that makes your entire body feel lightweight, thus a feeling of floating in the air. It will likely give you a comfortable, relaxed and uplifting sensation. 

Bubblegum cannabis strains can grow indoors and outdoors. However, outdoor requires a semi-humid environment with temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants have a bushy and short stature. It flowers within eight weeks for indoor cultivation and offers growers a high yield.


Bubblegum: What It Is?

This hybrid strain is an exotic hybrid that offers an ideal balance that ensures you get to enjoy every minute of the experience with its relaxing high. It has won several awards and has grown in popularity due to its sweet scent and effects. It hits you like an Indica but carries more Sativa characteristics. Hence, ideal for a mellow evening smoke when surrounded by friends and want to experience the moment. You should definitely try the high THC content of the Bubblegum weed strain.


Wondering Where to Buy Bubblegum in Canada?

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Bubblegum: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

This weed strain has gained prominence for its distinctive sweet scent. It makes for an irresistible and pleasant fragrance that fills the room with its subtle earthy and flowery notes. Eventually, leaving the aroma of candy around that induces your taste buds.

This cannabis hybrid strain has a unique mixture of flavours, which does justice to its name. The hybrid has an array of fruity flavours. Its smoke is creamy in taste with subtle hints of berries. Bubblegum has gathered fans worldwide due to its unique tropical aftertaste, especially for individuals who enjoy the sweet fruity varieties.

It has impressive medium-sized buds with a spindle-like shape and tapered on each end. The buds are dense with tight curly leaves. Its high resin content makes the bud hard to break with your bare hands.


Bubblegum: Grow Info

This sweet and exotic strain is an easy option for cultivating for seasoned marijuana growers. However, some caution is advisable for beginner farmers as it can be sensitive to rot and mould. Hence should be kept sheltered and dry for outdoor survival.

It yields an average of 16 ounces of buds upon harvesting. This strain often takes between 8 -9 weeks to flower. On the other hand, outdoor cultivation requires enough sunshine and warmth for it to thrive. You should expect to harvest around mid or late October with a yield of 14 ounces from every plant.


Effects of Bubblegum

Bubblegum is a marijuana hybrid that has grown in prominence for several reasons. Its high is perfectly balanced with a full-body effect, which invigorates and relaxes your entire being. You eventually feel uplifted with a positive state of mind, leaving you delighted in the company of others while sharing jokes and giggles with friends. Also, it can induce your taste buds and revive your appetite.


Medical Benefits of Bubblegum

Most doctors have sought to prescribe this cannabis strain for several conditions. This weed strain proves extremely useful for patients experiencing chronic stress as it can be a great relaxant. Also, it helps ease the feelings of anxiety while calming the mind.

The Bubblegum weed strain also happens to be an excellent option for treating chronic pain. There are several conditions this strain has managed to soothe, which include back pains, headaches, migraines and muscle spasms. It can as well offer relief with no side effects experienced when using prescription medication.

Considering the Bubblegum strain is a great mood elevator, it is ideal for treating all kinds of mental issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. Since it is also a powerful sedative, it will likely eliminate insomnia and ensure you enjoy your full night’s sleep.


Possible Side Effects of Bubblegum Weed

This potent fruity-sweet weed strain may at times be somewhat too much to manage, especially for beginner smokers. It may result in mild paranoia in some people, causing feelings of discomfort and anxiety, especially if you are susceptible to them.

At times you may experience the cottonmouth effect often followed by the feeling of dry eyes. At times, you may feel dizzy when smoking it due to its strong Indica and Sativa effects, often causing confusion. So be wary of any side effects.


Bubblegum Final Thoughts

Generally, to achieve optimum effectiveness and results, begin with a small amount as you adjust your way through to a higher dosage if need be. You will enjoy its mellow effect as it rushes through the entire body. Get a treat of a lifetime with this potent and unique strain that overflows with its delectable fruity flavour, and find yourself yearning for it in no time. 

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