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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Blue God Weed Strain Review

The Blue God weed strain is a pure Indica hybrid, with robust narcotic effects. It came into existence as a result of crossing the parent strains Blueberry and God Bud. This cannabis strain has a moderate THC level of 15%- 20%.

The Blue God weed strain delivers a unique high that takes its roots in the body. The high will slowly creep down the body and finally leave you feeling relaxed. The tranquillizer effects of this weed strain are excellent for recreational purposes and medical benefits. Consuming this cannabis strain can relieve anxiety, depression, as well as various types of chronic pains. Besides, this marijuana strain has strong sedative effects, making it helpful to anyone struggling with insomnia.

The Blue God cannabis strain can grow both indoor and outside. It thrives in a Mediterranean climate, with the flowering time being 8- 9 weeks for indoor plants. Plants grown outdoors are ready for harvesting from early October.


Blue God: What Is It?

Blue God is a hybrid dominated by Indica strain. It carries the genetics of the parent plants, making it the best choice for Indica fanatics. This strain is suitable for use in the evening or nighttime, due to its strong sedative effects. The onset of high is heavy, and its effects will take hours before subsiding.

Consuming this strain will affect the mind and the entire body. It induces a deep and relaxing body high, which leaves you with a euphoric feeling. It would help if you were near a couch when consuming this strain, as it will melt your mind and body, leaving you completely lethargic. Moreover, this strain will uplift the mood and alleviate stress and depression.


Wondering where to Buy Blue God in Canada?

Blue God is readily available, as many farmers are growing it indoors. This weed is available online, and you can only buy it from medical marijuana dispensaries. Some of the marijuana dispensaries that stock this strain are in British Columbia, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and California. You can order Blue God at the comfort of your home and get it delivered at your doorstep. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide a list of some of the best cannabis clinics so you can find the best marijuana dispensary for you. This includes timely same day weed delivery in Oshawa, Toronto, Ottawa, and every other city in Ontario. 


Blue God: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

Blue God strain has a delicious taste and aroma that makes you feel like you are in a blossoming fruit garden. The tantalizing aroma like that of ripe blueberries captivates the user to consume more. Like a rewarding smoothie, it is also blended with hints of creamy and sweet vanilla. Smoking this strain will leave the atmosphere a refreshing, woody flavour.

This stunning plant will display various colours from the vegetative stage up to maturity. The leaves are mostly green before they somehow appear yellow and violet. Furthermore, the leaves will appear with tints of blue, pink and purple when it nears maturity. It has abundant leaves that make it look somewhat fluffy.

Blue God has densely packed buds, with tight nugs that captivates the eyes of the user. Thick resins and trichomes cover the buds, making them sticky. The curly amber pistils make the buds have a beautiful and attractive look. When broken, the buds will produce an earthy and dank odour.


Blue God: Grow Info

Growing Blue God is easy, making it a favourite choice for both novice and experienced growers. This plant thrives in a Mediterranean climate. Cultivators can choose to grow it either indoors or outside. Besides, you can grow this strain using hydroponics or soil. The use of hydroponics will reduce the growing time. Providing a cool environment just before the flowering stage will make the buds to appear purple. The shrub looks somehow fluffy, and it needs some trimming.


Effects of Blue God

This strain delivers a mental high that will leave you euphoric and stimulate endless happiness. As the high creeps through the body, you will experience a tingling sensation and numbing physical effects. As the high takes over the whole body, you will feel relaxed and calm. Consequently, you will get lost in a deep and graceful sleep. 


Medical Benefits of Blue God

Besides providing a relaxing experience to recreational users, this strain will also benefit medical patients. Relaxation and mood uplift will relieve PTSD, stress, depression, and other mental conditions. The blissful and sedative effects will help anyone battling with insomnia to have a deep and long sleep. This strain will also provide soothing effects, which alleviate muscle spasms, joint pain and other chronic pains.


Possible Side Effects of Blue God

You may experience mild adverse reactions when using this strain. However, these effects are manageable. You may experience dry eyes and mouth, which may make you uncomfortable. To overcome this effect and avoid possible dehydration, ensure you take plenty of water. Other concerns include paranoia, dizziness and headaches. These adverse effects are mostly due to overdosing, and you should consume this weed with moderation as you observe the tolerance levels.


Blue God Strain Final Thoughts

Blue God packs a punch for both medical patients and recreational users. The delicious sweet taste is mouth-watering and will captivate the user to take more. It is the best for evening and nighttime use, as the heavy sedative effects will send you to sleep.

This strain will provide a euphoric high that will make you happy all through. It will also enhance mood, make you become creative and give body relaxation. Besides, this strain will also relieve stress, depression and pain. 

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