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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Berries & Creme Weed Strain Review

From Certified Portland, Berries & Creme weed strain is an Indica commanding flower. It is famous for its high profile flavour of blackberry with an intense spicy fragrance. The bud’s high is exceptional with intense relaxation, euphoric and sleepy effects. This herb makes it ideal for use in the evening time.

Genetically, Berries & Creme is a hybrid cross of Breeder Steve’s Shishkaberry and the infamous Exotic Genetix’s Grease Monkey cannabis strain. However, its THC levels are under review.

The popularity of this marijuana strain is increasing day by day with the vast effects it delivers. Therefore, this kush is perfect for alleviating several medical conditions, symptoms and ailments. Patients ailing from insomnia and anxiety make use of its admirable effects.


Berries & Creme Marijuana Strain: What is it?

This hybrid bud is an Indica-dominant strain from genetically crossbred by Certified Portland. The breeding is a crossing between Breeder Steve’s Shishkaberry and the classic Exotic Genetix’s Grease Monkey strains.

Many marijuana enthusiasts love Berries & Creme for the scent of tart blackberry thistle with fresh waffle cone undertones. Also, the taste is exceptionally tangy with additional sugary hints.

Furthermore, users addictively smoke the bud due to the strong hits of its high. The high intensifies throughout the body providing an intense relaxing sensation that soothes the nerves resulting in a peaceful sleep. Consequently, the mind feels alert, and mental clarity gets top-notch. 


Wondering Where to Buy Berries & Creme Marijuana in Canada?

Getting this bud for either medicinal or recreational use is not a bother. Many localities within Canada have a strategic place where you can order it. Mostly, the dispensaries and recreational shops have this kush stocked.

Notwithstanding, online markets are gaining momentum. There are more than enough sites selling both the seeds and the strain online. In addition, they also offer aids on how you can locate a shop or a dispensary for you to make an order. 

At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Brampton, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Berries & Creme Strain Marijuana: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Berries & Creme cannabis strain boasts a super unique fragrance that is released by these nuggets. The aroma is a spicy aromatic, tart, fruity scent. The scent is enhanced by the blackberry thistle smell with fresh waffle cone overtones. That aside, the flavour of this marijuana is enticing and sweet. It has a tangy flavour with additional notable burned sugar notes.

Also, the smoke of this bud is surprisingly smooth and is not irritating on the throat. The complex flavours make it even sweet, and no coughing with a sugary aftertaste as you exhale.

The appearance of this weed plant is charming and appealing. It grows into a relatively tall height without overshadowed branches. The buds have forest green nugs. Also, it produces a layer of hairy crystal trichomes. These trichomes have a layer of resin that is sticky. Besides, the flowers are good looking and enhance the overlay look of the bud.


Berries & Creme Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

The seeds of this hybrid herb are available in online markets. The majority of cultivators claim that it is comparatively an easy strain to cultivate. It requires minimal caring during its growth cycle. Besides, Berries & Creme is ideal for indoor and outdoor growing so long as you provide the right climate.

This strain thrives well in a hot climate just as its genetic parents. The herb grows incredibly well and can get out of control. However, with regular pruning and trimming, the bud is tidy and manageable stature. For the yield rate, this strain gives a considerably good harvest. In indoor cultivation, flowering starts after eight weeks. 


Effects of Berries & Creme Marijuana Strain

This hybrid weed is unique in its ways. It delivers the Indica effects that are worth enjoying. Firstly, the high hits you with the initial few puffs. The insane high makes your mind feel uplifted, and a euphoric sensation travels from the mind to the entire body. Subsequently, the arousal creeps up with a sedation sensation that carries your mind. It gradually induces sleep but still feeling happy. Afterward, the mind and body relax, culminating in a deep sleep. However, these effects are unpredictable, and therefore, you can enjoy it when off duty or passively active. Equally important, taking high doses may lead the user to get paranoid and dizzy. Therefore, the only way to joy your vaping or smoking experience is by indulging in this strain with discipline.


Medical Benefits of Berries & Creme Marijuana

Although the THC content is unknown, the strain has an Indica hybrid that makes it suitable for medicinal marijuana purposes. The high sedative effect has been a blueprint for a prescription for patients who experience insomnia.

Further, it is trusted for averting symptoms like nausea, migraines, chronic pains and cell inflammation. It is also a perfect prescription for conditions such as anxiety, physical tensions and mental discomforts. 


Possible Side Effects of Berries & Creme Strain Weed

This particular strain is famous for its euphoria, sleepy and relaxing benefits. However, it does come with some potential side effects.  Notably, the usage of this herb is associated with dry mouth and dry eyes. However, some sources claim that it does minimize eye dryness. The best way to stay safe from the adverse results is to ensure you take hydrating fluid prior to, during and after consuming the weed.


Berries & Creme Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Berries & Creme hybrid is ideal for both novice and experienced cannabis users. It is also suitable for both medical and recreational consumption. Therefore, enjoy a super unrepeatable high of euphoric, sleepy and relaxing effects.  So browse through the CannabisOntario dispensary list and find the perfect marijuana store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in St Catherines, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities in Ontario Canada.


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