Review #7119 for Crazy Cannabis

They sent me shake that is health hazard. I got a sore throat from it and my lungs feel terrible. It gives me uncontrollable coughing to the point of choking. I also threw up the other day when smoking it. I don't remember ever throwing up from weed ever in my life except this time. It feels like smoking dust. Previously they sent me good stuff but last time they decided to send me this bad tasting dry, dusty old cannabis shake. Why did I smoke it? Because I was desperate to get high but it is really something you sweep up and throw out if you grow weed. And after a 2 minute chat, they refused to help me and blocked me because i didn't provide pictures of the large sized dead bugs and the cherry seeds and cherry stamps than I've found in the shake. I told them if this happens I can pick the bugs out and I already threw them out, that wasn't the main issue. ThE WEED WAS BAD HEATH HAZARD So they refused to help and blocked my from the site and banned my account.


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