LSD vs Shrooms

LSD vs Shrooms: Two of the Most Popular Hallucinogens Head to Head

The LSD Vs Shrooms comparison is long overdue. These are some of the most popular hallucinogens known today. 

But what makes them different, and what do they share in common? Keep reading to uncover more about their similarities and differences. This article will help you choose the best product that suits your needs the next time you want to buy shrooms online in Canada or order LSD. 


What Are Shrooms?

Shrooms are commonly referred to as magic mushrooms. They are naturally occurring wild mushrooms containing a hallucinogen and psychotic compound known as psilocybin. It’s scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis.

It is a psychedelic mushroom species with active compounds, psilocybin, and psilocin. These mushrooms have a unique appearance as they tend to have golden halos, gold caps, or cubes.

This mushroom belongs to a fungus family called Hymenogastraceae. A while back, it was known as Stropharia cubensis.


What is LSD?

What is LSD?

Unlike shrooms, LCD is man-made. This refers to lysergic acid diethylamide, which is commonly known as acid. It is a synthetic chemical consumed for aesthetic benefits.

It is found on ergot, a fungus growing on rye. This hallucinogen is categorized under psychedelic drugs. Usually, when acid is used in smaller doses, it causes mild changes in perception and mood. Unfortunately, larger amounts can be dangerous since they lead to serious consequences, including hallucinations and distortions that affect one’s perceptions.


How are LSD and Shrooms Similar?

The LSD vs shrooms debate continues. This leads to the question of their similarities.

They are both hallucinogens, which can alter one’s reality and make one perceive something that isn’t true. They are both used aesthetically to make users feel good about themselves for a particular period. They are both categorized as psychedelics in the drug classification.


The two hallucinogens have similar effects, which include:

  • Users struggle with a distorted time perception 
  • Users get to have audible and visual hallucinations. They see and hear non-existent things.
  • Users get the sensation or feeling of melting solid objects
  • Users sense that stationary things move when they don’t
  • Users lose their normal sense of smell, taste and touch as this is altered to strange sensations
  • Users tend to be extremely open to the idea of newness
  • Users feel a strong ability to connect with others
  • Users tend to have a heightened spiritual awareness and awakening
  • Excessive excitement 
  • Users become philosophical and get unexplained breakthroughs
  • Unexplained fear of the unknown and death
  • Pupils dilate
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Blood pressure rises
  • Paranoid and related delusions
  • Numbness, tremors, and occasional sweating


The two hallucinogens also exhibit similar risks. These can be both physical and mental. These risks include:

  • Disorientation and lack of coherence
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Easy irritation
  • Blatant confusion
  • Rigid muscles
  • Shivering
  • Muscle spasm
  • Numbness
  • Dilated pupils


Differences Between LSD and Shrooms

Despite both of them being hallucinogens, shrooms and acid differ. This brings us to the acid vs shrooms comparison. 

Below are some differences that make it easy to distinguish between shrooms and LSD.

  • LSD or acid gives off a more uplifting and stimulating high. On the other hand, shrooms’ high effects are more of a mellow and chilled-out kind of trip.
  • The effects also vary, with those under the influence of shrooms claiming to have a stronger sense of high, while those using acid reported having more cerebral (brain) effects.
  • It appears mushrooms are stronger or more loaded considering that users feel nauseated, which does not happen with acid.
  • There are claims that shrooms can help with self-healing as they force users to go through a reflective and introspective phase, while LSD has more fun and energizing effects.
  • LSD users experience intense effects; whether good or bad, the intensity cannot be downplayed. This may not happen with shrooms. However, it is still important to get the setting right if you have to trip with either product.
  • Shroom effects ease out of the body quicker than LSD effects which can linger for more than a day. Unfortunately, this affects sleep quality and makes it hard to eat.

They also differ in the mode of ingestion. Shrooms are consumed by eating raw or are sometimes dried and brewed as a tea. On the other hand, LSD is dissolved in the mouth using small droppers. These can also be applied on paper and then dissolved in the mouth.


The Working of  Shrooms vs Acid

The Working of  Shrooms vs Acid

To appreciate shrooms or acid/LSD, it is important to understand how they work on the brain. While the mystery of how psychedelics work are still yet to be unravelled, it appears that shrooms and acid affect the serotonin receptors when consumed. 

The two substances tend to fire up the receptors found in high concentrations around the cerebral cortex. It is the brain region that is responsible for all the tasks rated as a higher order. Any interference in these areas influences perception, thinking, memory, and understanding.

It has also been proven that when users consume these two psychedelics, they go through a phase of uncontrolled thinking. This unconstrained, free-flowing thinking remains a paradox and is attributed to reduced brain activity. Many theories attempt to explain this scenario, but the most important is that the brain’s normal functioning is altered.


Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada?

Now you can differentiate between LSD and shrooms. You know which product to use and the expected benefits you will get from it. 

You can find your favourite psychedelic at a store near you. LSD and shrooms can easily be found in stores selling CBD products online. It is possible to buy shrooms from retailers. Just make sure you buy lab-tested LSD products so you can stay safe.  You can even buy from some cannabis dispensaries like those listed on BC Weed Delivery.

Regardless of where you buy your shrooms, ensure it is from a reliable source, like those listed on Cannabis Ontario. Also, check for recommended dosage if you want to enjoy and get the effects without jeopardizing your well-being. More importantly, understand the potential side effects before trying them.



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