How To Make Weed Tea

How To Make Weed Tea?

You already know that weed can be smoked, vaped, and eaten, but have you ever thought about drinking your weed? Weed tea might sound strange at first, but learning how to make weed tea simply exposes you to more ways of enjoying your favourite plant. So let’s explore how to make pot tea so you can see if drinking the herb is your cup of tea.


So, What Are The Benefits Of Weed Tea?

Learning how to make cannabis tea can be a calming experience but offers many other benefits.



These chemical compounds build each pot strain’s unique taste, smell, and flavour. In addition, terpenes such as pinene, limonene, and linalool also feature neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Omega 3’s & 6’s

Pot contains essential amino acids such as omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, which help your body achieve balance in the endocannabinoid system. That’s a great reason to learn how to make stem tea if we ever heard one.


Vitamins & Antioxidants

Weed contains a range of vitamins and nutrients that assist with healthy growth and development.


How To Make Weed Tea

Learning how to make weed tea isn’t complicated or challenging. Tea is also a relatively healthy way to consume cannabis, especially when comparing a cup of herbal tea with smoking or eating sugary sweets. Keep these things in mind when you’re exploring how to make pot tea, and you’ll have a potent cup in no time.

Decarb First

The first step in making cannabis tea is decarbing your weed to convert its THCa into potent THC. This is the same process to prepare THC for any daily marijuana edibles


Add A Fat Source

Cannabinoids are lipophilic, which means they attract fat molecules but don’t dissolve in plain water. Plan to add some cream to your tea. Coconut oil, coconut milk, full-fat dairy milk, and creamers will work nicely.


Start Your Tea Making

Let’s learn how to make stem tea! Start by gathering these tools and ingredients.


  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter or coconut oil
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 gram of weed
  • Empty tea holder or tea bag
  • Sweetener or flavouring of your choice
  • Strainer 
  • Mug
  • Teapot or saucepan
  • Spoon



  1. Chop or grind your weed. Despite the “stem tea” name, you want to remove all stems and seeds.
  2. Boil water in the teapot or saucepan and add your coconut oil or butter, stirring well to make sure it dissolves.
  3. Place your weed into the empty tea bag and add it to the pot. Keep the heat on low and allow your teapot to simmer for up to ten minutes. Use the lowest temperature possible to preserve the pot’s medicinal properties.
  4. Remove the pot from heat and set your teabag aside. If there’s any plant material floating in the pot, you can carefully strain your tea for a clean sip.
  5. Add sweetener to taste. Most weed tea blends well with lemon slices, ginger, peppermint, cinnamon sticks, and other strong aromatic flavours.
  6. If desired, you can steep your teabag in a new batch of water for another cup.


Cannabis Tincture Tea

If you want to know how to make weed tea the fastest way possible, you can skip the brewing process and use a tincture instead. Just add a few drops to hot water or your favourite standard cup of tea.


What To Expect After Drinking Weed Tea

Now that you know how to make weed tea, you might be wondering what to expect when you finish your cup. Like any ingestible, weed tea can take 30-90 minutes to kick in. Once you start to feel it, the effects can last up to eight hours. Weed tea gives a similar experience to smoking, vaping, and eating edibles. Many people love a cup of weed tea when they’re looking forward to a calm, relaxing day at home.


Conclusion On How To Make Weed Tea

Learning how to make weed tea is a valuable skill for cannabis lovers who prefer a traditional, medicinal, or nature-inspired approach. So treat yourself to a nice cup every so often to enjoy a soothing experience full of natural goodness.

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