How Long Does A Weed High Last

How Long Does A Weed High Last?

Nothing beats a relaxing day dedicated to great marijuana, but sometimes you have other things on the agenda. Whether you need to run errands, meet up with people, or even head to work or school, sometimes you find yourself wondering how long a weed high lasts and how long it takes for weed to wear off? 

Unfortunately, everyone reacts to marijuana differently, so there’s no easy or immediate answer. However, we can explore some of the common factors influencing how long weed lasts for your unique body chemistry.


1. First Of All, We All React Differently

How long does it take for weed to kick in? If you’ve ever enjoyed pot with a group of your friends, you probably noticed that you all start to feel it at different times and in different ways. You might think everything is hilarious, while the buddy you shared a joint with still feels pretty standard. Remember that the herb uniquely impacts us all. That’s normal and something you should always expect to see.



2. The Weed Strain Has A Direct Effect On The High

You can explore a whole world of different weed strains, types, and varieties. Each strain offers its properties and components, including different levels of active ingredients. Some pot varieties carry more THC, the primary psychoactive compound found in the cannabis family. The higher the THC, the higher you’ll be as well. How long does a weed high last is one question, but the intensity of the high is another. Many experienced cannabis lovers prefer weed that’s high in THC

3. Another Thing That Matters Is The Quality Of Your Weed

Thoroughly dried buds and flowers are the best for smoking. If your herb is still moist, you might be in for a disappointing time. Make sure to source your pot from a top-rated cannabis dispensary such as Daily Marijuana for the best quality and results. You can find top-rated cannabis stores and online dispensaries from reliable sources such as where you can find the best Weed Delivery in BC and Ontario sources like Toronto Weed Delivery.


4. Other Factors That Determine The High Are As Follows:

How Much Did You Use

How long does it take for weed to wear off if you take the right size dose? You should feel the effects for around two to three hours. However, some users claim to have been altered for 10 hours at a time. Many factors influence how long a weed high lasts, but you should plan on a couple of hours with a standard dose.


THC Levels

The more THC is in your product, the longer your high will last. 


Your Body Size

Yes, your size impacts your high. Smaller bodies need less cannabis to get high. So if your shortest and tallest friends take the same amount of weed, the shorter buddy will probably feel it longer.


Fat Percentage

Similarly, your fat percentage determines how long the high lasts.



How long does it take for weed to kick in? Part of the reason this question is so hard to answer is that everyone’s metabolism is different. Some people start to feel high within a few minutes of smoking, while others can wait half an hour before noticing anything. But, again, this range of reactions is normal.


It Also Depends On If You’ve Eaten Recently Or Not

Like many other substances, marijuana will make you feel high faster when you have an empty stomach. However, if you’ve recently eaten, it will take a little longer for the weed to start impacting you. If you want to know how long a weed high lasts, you can change your experience by having a meal or a sizable snack first.


Tolerance Level

When talking about how long a weed high lasts, the most crucial consideration is your tolerance level. If you have a naturally high tolerance or have built up a tolerance through lots of experience, it’ll take more material for you to reach an incredible high. You simply won’t feel the same effects as a beginner or someone with a low tolerance. 

If you have a high tolerance, you can see this as a positive. You’ll rarely overdo it or green out because you can handle so much weed. On the other hand, it can be annoying to require more products to enjoy the same effects as your friends. It costs a little more to consume more cannabis. Try to have a positive outlook and make the most of your weed journey, regardless of your tolerance zone.


The Endnote

Weed is entirely legal in Canada, so you should feel free to enjoy some choice buds with your friends. However, if you live elsewhere in the world, we encourage you to research the laws in your area. We don’t want you to fall into legal trouble while enjoying the plant!

You should also remember to take it slow and easy when you start using pot. Tolerance levels and body chemistry play a big part in your experience. Some careful experimentation will help you learn what’s right for you.

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