How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Last

How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Last?

You can expect to stop feeling the effects of a weed edible within 8 hours, but the THC remains in your body for longer. So how long do edibles last when it comes to drug tests? The short answer is, theres no hard and fast way to know. 

When youre talking about how long do edibles last, THC plays a significant role. Your body chemistry is also essential, though. So let’s learn about how long do cannabis edibles last in your system so you can plan. Here are some common elements that impact the equation.


Your Frequency Of Use

How often you use cannabis impacts how long do edibles last in your body. If youve never used marijuana before and the edible is your very first foray into the world of cannabis, you can expect a clean test result in about three days. On the other hand, heavy users can show THC for up to a month after their last edible.


The Amount Of THC

When youre researching how long weed edibles stay in your system for a drug test, you need to think about more than just the potency of your pot. The amount you consume is more important. Many edibles will show up longer on a drug test, even if they don’t contain much THC.


Your Body Chemistry

Everyones unique body digests THC in its way. Your weight, health, and overall metabolic rate impact how quickly your break down THC. If you have more body fat or slower metabolism, youll likely show THC in drug tests for a more extended period.



We said earlier that the quantity you consume is important, but your edibles potency also impacts how long do edibles last in your body. High-grade THC takes more time to digest than CBD-dominant strains. Pot with lots of THC will get you higher, but THC also sticks around for a while regarding how long edibles last.


How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Last

Different Drug Tests

How long do edibles last in your system? The type of drug test youre facing can impact how long edibles do last in your body. Here are some general guidelines for the most common types of tests.


Urine tests

How long do edibles last for urine tests? These scans show THC usage between 3-30 days.


Saliva tests

A saliva test can usually find THC within 1-3 days of use.


Blood tests

How long do edibles stay in your system for drug tests? If you dont have much notice for your text, cross your fingers that its the blood method. THC usually leaves your blood quickly. These tests might show results within 1-2 days of use, but not always.


Hair follicle tests

Hair tests are the most accurate. However, we have some bad news if you want to know how long edibles last for hair tests. This style test can find THC up to 90 days since your last use.


If you need to know how long edibles last because you have an upcoming test, theres no shortcut to lowering your levels. Your body metabolizes THC at its rate, and theres no hurrying the process. So consider using a lower dose of THC in the future to avoid this situation going forward.

Finding The Right THC Edibles Dosage

Now that you know how delicious, effective, and beneficial weed edibles can be, its only natural to want to try one yourself. An edible dosage chart can help you find the right amount of cannabis for your next batch. However, trying without an edible dosage calculator can be tricky because its hard to gauge the proper amount. Other factors also make this process slightly complicated.

Dosing is more than just weighing your buds and moving on. To find the proper edible THC dosage, you need to consider several elements. Your body weight, metabolic rate, and tolerance levels all influence the amount of cannabis thats right for you. 

Your typical cannabis use also plays a role. For example, the marijuana edible dosage for high tolerance will differ from the best marijuana edible dosage for a beginner or light user. 

However, there are still some basic rules to stick to. An edible dosage mg chart can help break down the decision. Start with the following chart to determine your ideal marijuana edibles dosage.


Intended Users THC Amount (mg) Expected Effects
New Users or Microdosers THC (1 – 2.5 mg) Very Light Level- Mild Effects
Light Users THC (2.5 – 7.5 mg) Light Level – Mild Effects
Novice Users THC (7.5 -15 mg) Moderate Level – Moderate Effects
Intermediate Users THC (15 – 30 mg) Medium Level – Medium Effects
Heavy Users THC (30 – 50 mg) High Level – Intense Effects
Daily Heavy Users THC (50 – 100 mg) Very High Level – More Intense Effects
Stoners  THC (Over 100 mg) The Top Level of Intense Effects


This cannabis edible dosage chart is only a suggestion, but it can be a valuable starting point. If youre ever uncertain about how much to take, stick with the lower limits of the edible dosage chart. After a couple of hours, you can always eat another edible if you dont feel your desired effects, but its not easy to recover from taking too much.


In Conclusion on How Long Edibles Last

It is important to remember that cannabis edibles can affect people in different ways. Therefore, it is essential that you know your limits and responsibly take THC edibles. You also want to buy high-quality weed edibles online in Canada from trusted sources. You can find a massive list of reliable dispensaries in Ontario at Cannabis Ontario. You can also find cannabis stores in other Provinces from platforms such as BC Weed Delivery. Whatever you choose, just be sure that your edibles are top-quality so you can have the best chance at a good time and excellent effects.




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