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Updated On March 2, 2021

Green Supreme | Concentrates and Vapes

Green Supreme weed vapes, concentrates, and flowers are among Canada’s top marijuana products thanks to delicious flavours, potent products, and widespread availability. Cannabis Ontario is here to help you find all the best deals on GreenSupreme vapes and cannabis products near you. You can explore all the best Canadian marijuana companies on our site to find the top vape products near you.


What is Green Supreme?

Green Supreme is a well-established Canadian marijuana brand. After starting in BC, Green Supreme now provides a large array of vapes and extracts across Canada. Green Supreme fans love this high-quality, reasonably-priced line. Explore current customer ratings to see what real people think about GreenSupreme Extracts. You’ll find that reviewers love the beneficial properties, reliability, and potency of these vapes!

You can shop for popular Green Supreme items at a cannabis shop near you.


GreenSupreme Product Line

GreenSupreme offers its customers a massive collection of premium THC products. They are perhaps most known for their vapes, which you can find in various flavours such as Blue Dream, Cherry Pie, and Five Alive among others. We shouldn’t ignore their top-grade diamonds, budder, live sauce, shatter, and hash products. These are some of the most potent and satisfying concentrates on the market. You can even find a selection of flowers, pre-rolled cones, and THC cookies if you are lucky. 


Find The Best Green Supreme Deals

At CannabisOntario, we’re here to help you find the best marijuana dispensaries wherever you are. When you’re looking for GreenSupreme vapes and concentrates, don’t skip our expert lists of all the best deals and hottest prices. Explore our favourite weed stores to see all the current perks, promotions, and sales. We love helping you save time and money while accessing all your favourite weed items!



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