Best Things To Do On Shrooms

Best Things To Do On Shrooms

Shroom consumption can make almost any activity interesting. From maximizing a trip’s potential for fun to passing the time on a seemingly endless shroom trip. If you want to feel the potency and enjoy the psychedelic experience, scroll below as the article delves deep into the best things you can do with mushrooms. 


What Are Magic Mushrooms?

There are different types of mushrooms. In this case, we will talk about what magic mushrooms are. This is a naturally occurring psychedelic drug. 

A mushroom is a parasitic plant with a fleshy stem, spores and a cap. Others are poisonous mushrooms.

There are different kinds of mushrooms, namely:

  • Cup mushrooms
  • Mushrooms
  • Swiss brown mushrooms
  • Portabella mushrooms
  • Enoki mushrooms
  • Agaric mushrooms

Examples of magic mushrooms include Amani, philosopher’s stones, Shrooms, golden tops, blue meanies, and liberty caps.

They contain Psilocybin and mind-bending substance that can alter users’ emotional experiences, especially when taken in higher doses.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Ways in Which You Can Consume Magic Mushrooms 

There are many ways that you can consume mushrooms.

Below are ways of taking mushrooms:

  • You can eat it fresh
  • Brewed into tea
  • When dried, it can be mixed with tobacco and cannabis and then smoked
  • You can add it to cooked foods
  • You can also add it to fruit juice(powdered)


Best Things to Do on Magic Mushrooms

There is more to a mushroom than its effects. As much as there is a negative side to the effects of mushrooms, there is a great side. 

These are some of the things that you can do while tripping on mushrooms:

Engage in an Artwork of Your Choice

Every person sees art from a different perspective. However, with shroom trips, you tend to note fun things you would have never seen commonly. Art expresses our inner emotions, thoughts, and bad times. 

Most artists capture a moment in time. Consuming magic mushrooms boost creativity and mood. It also assists the artist in gaining a magical experience, and they get inspired by releasing their emotions. 

Take a Shower

After long work hours, people only want to take a hot shower to relax their muscles. Shroom bad trip affects the muscles. Hence you need to take a bath to keep your mind off all the troubling thoughts and tension in your body muscles if you have taken high doses of mushrooms. 

It’s like getting paid for all the hard work you put in. Other artists prefer to do their activities in nature because it inspires them and they feel safe.

Walk Barefoot

Most people remember the first time they stepped on the beach, the incredible sensation from the soft soil’s fine particles, and feeling the wind up to your hair follicles. Walking barefoot for hours reduces stress. 

It also reduces the feet’ smell. Shrooms make us calm down and explore, so walking barefoot reduces the same, letting nature heal you and reducing high blood pressure.

Listen to Music and Watch Movies

Everyone has their own taste in music to which they find peace and calmness attached to it. Some people find slow music or watching movies calming and therapeutic, while others find rock music more relaxing. 

They say it is a great experience to sing loudly and aggressively. This explains why rock musicians can break their guitars at the end of a song because they feel in complete control.


What Is a Shroom High Like?

Magic mushrooms have mind-altering compounds (Psilocybin,) just like LSDs and other drugs. However, taking them requires you to stay alert about how you relate to the world around you. This is because it changes a person’s mood and behaviour.

Tripping on shrooms takes different emotional experiences with different users. This is due to the component psilocybin. Euphoria and peace are the common feelings often reported by most users. However, a bad trip can cause a negative experience, such as fear and paranoia.

Shroom consumers may begin to feel intense paranoia, lose control, have hallucinations and experience terrifying thoughts such as fear of death. Ending a bad or scary trip while on mushrooms could be very difficult.

You will not be guaranteed the sort of trip you will have since it is impossible to predict the feelings before taking them. You might experience a sober trip sitter, and it will be hard to know what dose you have taken.

Factors Affecting How Mushrooms Feel Like

Factors Affecting How Mushrooms Feel Like

The intensity of a mushroom trip varies depending on several factors, such as:

The Quantity Consumed

Users who overdose or use more robust mushrooms report nervousness, hallucination, and paranoia. The use of larger doses may take effect to alter one’s psychological reasoning. It may also cause a distorted sense of time, reality, and place. 

Using large or higher drug doses is not recommended since it can lead to psychosis, a long-term mental health condition caused by Psilocybin.

Potency of the Mushroom Types

Shrooms generally take effect after 30 to 45 minutes and can last six to seven hours. “Trip” effects may not start early, but one may feel excessive yawning and nausea. In most cases, drug starters report that taking shrooms can cause a slight trip that makes them feel relaxed or drowsy.

Consumer Moods

The user’s moods, expectations, and personality dictate how a trip will turn out. Undoubtedly, some shrooms trips are fun, but you have to keep in mind that things may go south. However, the user must bear with the situation until the magic mushroom runs its course.


The Physical Effects of Magic Mushroom 

Apart from psychological effects, magic mushrooms have some physical effects.

Below are the common physical effects:

  • Lack of coordination 
  • Enlarged pupils
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Muscle weakness

In sporadic cases, people die from mushrooms, but taking them in large doses can cause severe side effects, including death, especially when taking poisonous mushrooms.


Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada?

In Ontario, buying magic mushrooms can be as easy as buying your morning coffee. One can purchase mushroom substance products like micro mushroom doses, mushroom chocolates, and mushroom drinks, e.g., tea and dried mushrooms.

When one goes to buy mushrooms, they are given a form to fill in, and only people above the age of 19 can access this mushroom product.

In Canada, there are several online stores like Cannabis Ontario, where you can find listings of sources where you can buy mushrooms. Also, you can find other items like potent LSD products. You can decide to choose any physical or online purchase.



Shrooms are renowned hallucinogenic compounds (Psilocybin) with a long history of recreation. These powerful psychedelics are commonly taken for spiritual and medicinal purposes worldwide and should be taken in moderate doses.

However, the use of psychedelics or psilocybin mushrooms is not predictable. Moderators advise the users to start using them at a low dose.



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